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Everyone has a story and I told my story many times. But there are millions and millions of stories worth telling around the world, so as we travel, I try to capture some of them with my camera and try to share them with you. Hera are a few, but we’ll be updating them as we go along. More at:

 What Is Music? And how does music make a difference in Hong Kong young people’s lives?

 Say hello to two of the tiniest people on the planet! Jito and Niza are siblings living in Southern Philippines; this is their Small World.

 Fly with us from Hong Kong to Bacolod, with drone shots from Phantom 2, and music by Louise

 David Paul from the ICM Children’s Choir sharing his dreams, passions and dance moves!

 A beautiful snapshot into the idyllic world of organic farming in rural China, where we travelled to see the work of Providence Family Farms.

 Across the world, harvest season is a time to celebrate. How do harvests in the first world and third world differ from each other? (English/Polish with English subtitles)

 Louise in her music video, Between the Trees.

 When you set aside a space for artists to share, collaborate, create and showcase, something beautiful is bound to happen.

This is the highlights of Pianola Alive.

 What would you do if you were the President of the Philippines? Some of these answers might surprise you!

Memories from our first year in Sydney; as we were preparing to leave and testing out the new camera, we put this montage together.

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