The Travellers Two landed in New York City on 19th April. It is our third trip to the USA together, but the first time that we are here just to create music, tell stories and share our lives.

Over the next six (or maybe more…) months, we are on a journey across the country to discover the diverse, flourishing music scene across the USA and to add our voices to all that are already there. This blog will share our journey – the highs and lows, the people we meet, the art we create and the amazing places we visit. Let us know if there’s a project for us to get involved in your neighbourhood – we’re looking forward to being part of your journey, and would love for you to be part of ours.

Below are a few landscpe snapshots from our previous trip, but this time we’re hoping to get more human stories.

The Journey
Discovery space shuttle
Zion National Park
The Grand Canyon
Sunset at the Grand Canyon
Sunset in Colorado

12 thoughts on “USA

    1. My daughter and I saw you a few minutes ago driving south on I-35 just south of Dallas. We looked you up and read a bit about you guys. We think you are on your way to Austin. Safe and happy travels. Look forward to reading about your adventure. And . . . Welcome to Texas!


  1. I saw you guys today passing through Alabama on I-10. I had no idea who you were so as soon as I got home, I looked up the name that I got off of your vehicle. I am so glad that I did. I just spent the last 20 minutes reading about your travels and can’t wait to see where else your journeys take you. Enjoy your trip around the states!

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  2. Just saw you heading North on I-65 in Indiana, loved your Land Cruiser and had to check out the web address on it to see what kind of adventure you are on 👌 I wish you safe and amazing travels while you are in the States!

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  3. Just saw you two as I was heading home in Woodland, WA. And, like a lot of other people, I was curious about your website so I looked you up. Safe travels to the both of you! Great stories and photos!!!

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  4. I just talked to outside Reasors in Tulsa. You gave me a cd and I am currently listening to it. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Before you fly out I would like to invite you over for dinner! I would love to hear about your trip!


    1. Hey Joe. I’m glad that you like Louise’s music. Unfortunately we were in Tulsa for a short while, we visited some friends and had to prepare our car for shipping back to the UK. We are already on the west coast and flying out this Monday. Let us know if you’re in Hong Kong and we’ll be happy to go out for dinner.


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