We first became connected to the Philippines in 2007, before we were even sure if we would be spending the rest of our lives together! Since then, the 7000 islands’ people, culture, beauty, complexity and joy have captured our hearts and we know that we will always be returning to this land.


Happy New Year

During our three years living in the Philippines, we worked with a charity that helps the poorest of the poor lift themselves out of ultrapoverty. Telling their stories, capturing moments of their lives and becoming their mouthpiece is a humbling experience, which has developed an incredible passion within us to use our gifts to bring understanding and change.

T’Boli Girl

T’Boli smile

“I was born at the full moon during the corn harvest…”


“…and I know that I’m old, because I have white hair.”



Deadly cute

Kiss me if you can




I see you

Bronze Lady of Banago

Morning run

Keep distance

Small world


Home stretch

Got soap?

Flower girl

Pineapple killer

Jazz trio


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