Hong Kong


Butcher at a typical Hong Kong restaurant.

Hong Kong is another of our homes. It is a city that will always be special to us; we met in the summer of 2007 in Hong Kong Airport, and have been spending time here ever since then. As one of the fastest paced cities on our planet, Hong Kong is also an extremely transient place. Our friends come and go, and we come and go even more than most. But we know that whenever we come through, there will always be something happening; interesting people for us to share life with, beautiful diversity and amazing food.

Hong Kong by night from Victoria Peek – every tourist takes that photo.

Having lived here since 2013, we think that in some ways Hong Kong has it all: brand new or quaint and old; bustling or tranquil; skyscrapers or palm trees; beach or mountain or city or suburb. Hong Kong has been the birthing place of so many of our projects, and we will miss living in this city that never sleeps.


The Artisan – a watchmaker in HK. Hope he’ll be able to keep his livelihood during the smart watch revolution.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong

  1. Wow…what a journey :) just grateful we know you two at all… my loves…my modern day hero’s…who aren’t just nice folks, but you guys are both mega talented…just a speachless…continue your beautiful journey together… don’t mind the crap too much…and remember to fly by n share a meal wherever you go :)

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