Welcome to The Travellers Two. We are Michal and Louise. We make music, film, and take photos, write, explore and tell stories.

For the past few years, we have been based in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and have fallen in love with this part of the world. But, the wandering wonderers that we are, we are ready to pack our bags again and land in a new part of the world to us.

And so we are off to the United States of America. It’s definitely not the most remote, nor the most undiscovered place that we will have visited. But it is a land full of people who love hearing great stories told well; and we think we have a few of those ready to share with the world.


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  1. Hi-

    We just passed you on I-59 going towards Birmingham. We have been adventuring throughout the Mississippi Delta. If you want to eat some great pizza tonight in Birmingham feel free to join us. We would love to swap stories.



  2. We just passed you on I-65 heading north! We were admiring your awesome vehicle and stumbled across your page. Welcome to the U.S. of A as well as the great and beautiful state of Alabama! Should your path lead you to Huntsville (the Rocket City) please feel free to reach out as I’d be happy to share all the great tourist/local spots. Safe travels to you both!


    1. Hi there :-) thanks for getting in touch! Alabama is beautiful and it reminds us of Europe. Funnily enough in England I used to live near a city called Birmingham! We are heading up to Nashville – I think we’re gonna go to Muscle Shoals tomorrow, so I don’t think we’ll make it to Hunstville. But if you have any tips about that area we’d be grateful! Safe travels and thanks for your kind words :-) L&M


  3. I was just stayed in Muscle Shoals on Thursday/Friday for work actually! There is a fantastic documentary on its music influence (named Muscle Shoals) that is a must-see. I would recommend walking around downtown, passing by the legendary FAME recording studio, seeing the lions at the UNA campus, and definitely getting an ice cream at Trowbridge’s.


  4. How long are you on Hermitage Ave? We’re a few doors from your car. My wife is from Europe and we’d love to hear about your impressions of the States so far.

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  5. Just passed you on I-94. Welcome to the Mitten State! Please visit Lake Michigan and the towns along the way. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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  6. Just passed your car on I-94 heading west near St. Cloud, MN. I am so excited to now be following your journey on your website! Safe travels!
    Also, if you are heading to Fargo, ND I know some amazing folks who would be happy to show you around their beautiful city!

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    1. Hi. Thanks for reaching out.
      We are visiting friends in Minnesota for a couple of days and later we’ll be heading to the northernmost point of the continental USA. On the way down we’ll probably go through Dakotas and we might even swing by Fargo.


  7. Hey! I saw you at cafe main in grandview! I am about to go on a trip similar to you guys and just wanted to know how long you are here for. I’m totally willing to meet up for some coffee sometime! I feel like it would be great to hear stories from people who have experienced something I long for and am working towards doing! If we dot meet up, be Safe travels and have fun on the road!!

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    1. Hey Kasey. We’re in the area until Monday. We’re visiting our family here so just trying to catch up after not seeing each other for years. Maybe we’ll meet up somewhere along the way. We’re heading south and then west.


  8. I saw you eating at an Arkansas rest area a few hours ago, i waved at you and you smiled back. Had to check out your site! Btw sick wheels!!!

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  9. I passed you on HWY 3 near Atoka, Oklahoma yesterday, and decided to check out your website. Your journeys sound fascinating. Enjoy and be safe.

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  10. We just saw you on I-5 just north of the Oregon border! Gave you the Shaka in the white Subaru! Safe travels and looking forward to following your journey. :)

    With Love,
    Melissa and JD

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  11. We just passed you guys on I-5 going south by the Seattle border in a small blue Subaru packed to the brim! Love the van. Much love from the Great Pacific Northwest, and safe travels.

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