Coast to Coast

On the 9th July, we made it to Los Angeles! We were in a rush, as we had booked the Defender in for a service at British Car Service and we were later than we had hoped…

But we drove straight to the garage, and were greeted by a warm smile and multiple British Accents!

IMG_1204 copy

The car, having done over 14,000 miles in the last two months, hadn’t let us down, but we thought it would be a good idea to have it looked over. And, when we walked into the garage and saw all the Defenders sitting there, we knew that this was the right place to come.

IMG_1203 copy

They service Land Rovers that have travelled the world, with the pictures on the walls showing some of the amazing machines they have built and maintainted. Steve, the owner, even though he was rushing to fly to England that afternoon, still took the time to show us around the shop.

IMG_1225 copy

Originally from Manchester, England, Steve has lived in the USA for 40 years, first working as a Rolls Royce expert and then later opening his unique British car servicing business.

IMG_1206 copy

They are the largest independent garage for Land Rovers in the USA, and had absolutely everything we could have needed! But thankfully, all that we needed was an oil change and a decent look over… that was until we mentioned that there was a slight issue with the bonnet latch…

It closed fine, but the release wasn’t working properly.

IMG_1238 copy

Three hours later, it was fixed! But it took five Land Rover experts and some serious elbow grease to get it done…

Alex and Josh, who had spent their afternoon educating us about Defender engines and fixing the bonnet, invited us out for a drink, and as we drove to Alex’s local, we got our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean!

IMG_1258 copy

The bar was right next to the beach, and so after 41 days, we have made it Coast to Coast… but we definitely didn’t take the most direct route…

We had a great evening with a truly American meal; hearing stories of off-roading in the desert while turtle evading, and break-neck driving through fields to escape a tornado.

After the sun had set, with the car’s engine all in good shape and a fully functioning bonnet, we started our journey towards the lowest point and the highest point in the USA’s 48 states.

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