New Orleans, LA

Our New Orleans objectives were clear: hear great music, eat great food.


As we were on way to the city, we found out that a friend from California happened to be in the city at the same time. And we also found out that the annual Oyster Festival was taking place that day!



Even before we parked, the soulful jive of a live band filled our ears. We instinctively walked towards it, and found ourselves in front of the main stage of the oyster festival, with sun, jazz and oysters in abundance!


The day was spent much as it has started; always with music to be heard, something delicious to be tasted, and the quintessential French Quarter terraces with their hanging gardens spilling colourful blooms above us.



Of course, we had to visit the famous Bourbon Street with its street performers and legendary musicians… but even early in the day, the drink flowed a little too generously, and a shouting, swearing match in front of a bar gave the place a sour feel…


After lunch, with our ever-so-entertaining waitress Tamarra, we caught the old Nawlins tradition of a Second Line – a bridal party dancing their way through the streets after the wedding ceremony to the reception. And it poured! So we were all stuck together for a brief, chaotic, joyful moment.






As the rain stopped, off they went.

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