New York, New York

What an amazing moment to approach this city. Sunrise over New York is spectacular. Photos can’t really translate it. 

IMG_8620 copyWe landed on Sunday morning and headed down to visit our friends who are hosting us for a few days until our car arrives. It was a special day in Summit, New Jersey as it was Daffodil Day and the weather was perfect. People outside of the U.S. usually think of New Jersey as New York’s dirty, industrial little brother. But really it’s an amazing state, especially during a sunny day. After all it’s the Garden State. But at the end of the day it’s a quiet and peaceful place, so enough about it already.

On Monday, Louise decided to start the journey by checking out some venues in NYC and going to an open mic. Here is a excerpt from her site:

“So, I thought I would start in the right direction and on Monday night I played an open mic at Side Walk Cafe in East Village. It is New York City’s longest running open mic night, having been running for over 21 years! It was truly an entertaining evening… 

20150422 Open Mic_2

Anyone who wants to perform has to show up for sign up at 7.30pm – they let you do anything; sing, play, recite poetry, rap, comedy… it just has to be either two songs or eight minutes, whichever is shorter. When you sign up, you get given a randomly assigned number and that determines when you play. I was given number 26. So I got a Guinness, sat down, and waited to see what the other acts would be.

I think, for my first night in New York, it was the absolutely perfect introduction. The acts ranged from super-talented to terrible, from mainstream to extremely weird! It was the perfect snapshot of artists in the big city. Some who have been plugging away for years and years, some who have just arrived and are hoping to make it big. Some were there to promote their shows or make connections. Some were there just because that’s what they do on Monday nights. 

It was fun to be a part of such an eclectic group of performers. Being in Asia for so long has made it difficult to surround myself with artists, and so I welcomed the chance to soak up the scope of creativity. 

20150422 Open Mic_3

It turned out that 26 was not the best number to draw… even after the One Song Wonder round which started at 10pm, I still hadn’t heard my name called. So by the time I got up to play (at 12.30am) I was super tired from the jet-lag! But it made an interesting introduction, and I told the 20 or so faithful who were still there a little of my story as I played. My voice was perhaps gruff from the tiredness and the Guinness, but my songs and stories built a connection with the audience that was precious to me, and I hope as I added my voice to the mix of the night, it blessed and inspired a few souls.” (LW)

The following day we woke up in the afternoon, as artists usually do, but we needed to get some sleep. Hopefully soon we’ll adjust and be ready for… whatever comes next. Today we got an email that our car will not arrive until later this week, and we assume that the customs clearance will take some time as well. So it seems that at the start we are already a week behind schedule… the schedule that does not exist. So we should be just fine.


One thought on “New York, New York

  1. “The schedule does not exist…” What an incredible gift this time is. Love the updates and photos, but we miss you here.


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