Sail On: The Recording

I, for many years, have known that I should have much more presence online. I should have music available for people when they ask to listen to it. I should have ways for people to stay in touch, to share their feedback and to inspire me to create more.

And so for a long time, I was planning on recording “The Traveller” album – I had the songs ready to go. I thought I knew what I wanted in terms of arrangements. But when it came down to it, we were just running out of time. I wasn’t going to be able to complete something that I was proud of, with the budget I had, in the time we had left before we went to the USA.

_MG_0359I knew that I had to have something to share while we were on our trip. So we decided to do a live album. With some new songs; the ones that were in some ways still a little too fresh and raw for me to know where they belonged, we planned to rehearse, record, mix, master and release in under two months.
Last night, we recorded! It was a really fun evening, with some of our closest friends able to witness the intimate setting of recording. We had some funny sound issues… for several of the songs, there was what sounded like a phantom screaming child that we would hear whenever I played certain frequencies! But once we had figured that out (it was just a digital syncing issue, no haunted-house scenarios…), we played some great music and are looking forward to hearing how it comes out.

“Sail On: Live in Hong Kong” will be released mid-April. For more, see my website at

Shipping the Defender

Did you know… In the fifties, you could buy a Land Rover with tank treads, and the steering was in the middle of the dashboard…

When we first bought our Land Rover Defender in 2013, we didn’t know that it was going to be a little bit like joining a secret club. But we are now proud members of the eclectic and brilliant group of people who rely on the Defender to get them to their destinations, whatever the terrain. From the Queen of England to humble sheep farmers, from Bond Girls to World Famous Explorers; Defenders are the car that will get you to where you want to go.

We are shipping our Defender to the USA in April, and will be calling it “home” for the next six months.

One of the most common questions that we have answered when talking about our trip is “Why are you shipping your car all the way to the US? Why don’t you just buy/rent/borrow/steal (ok maybe we haven’t been asked that!) one when you get there?”

And the answer is… well firstly, we’re nostalgic. We bought our Land Rover Defender in December 2013 so that we could drive it around the world. We have done a few trips in Europe in it, but we think that it’s time to really test it out on a long, diverse and challenging trip.

But the second answer is that, when you buy or borrow a car, you really don’t know what you’re getting. Even if the owner tells you that it’s a reliable,  unfailing engine in amazing condition, you never really know. And the Defender is pretty much as reliable as it gets!

Thirdly, it’s actually pretty much the same price – when you rent for so long, it gets expensive!

And lastly, we will be making it into a home on wheels. We’ll be sleeping in the back, when we’re not staying with friends, and have put quite a lot of effort into making sure it will be comfortable and safe for us!

IMG_6834So once we decided that we were going to ship the car, the second question that we had to answer a lot is “Can you actually do that? Isn’t the wheel on the wrong side of the car?”.

Yes, it is on the wrong side. But yes, as a non-resident you can do a temporary import, as long you have the correct approval from the EPA and you don’t leave the country while the car is there and you only keep it for up to 12 months and you only have it for personal use and you don’t sell it or rent it while you’re there and

There are a few hoops you have to jump through. The USA doesn’t have the same customs procedures as the rest of the world (surprise surprise!) and so it took us a great deal of research and phone calls to finally figure out if we were actually going to be able to bring the car in without having to pay an enormous bond. But we eventually heard that we got the green light and we have now arranged for the car to be picked up and put on a boat in Southampton. Hopefully we’ll see it again in New York City without any extra surprises!

Thank you to Kingstown Shipping and Flora and Fauna Brokers for your invaluable service. And to Nene Overland for getting the Defender ready for the trip!

Hello and Good Bye


Welcome to The Travellers Two. We are Michal and Louise. We make music, film, and take photos, write, explore and tell stories.

For the past few years, we have been based in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and have fallen in love with this part of the world. But, the wandering wonderers that we are, we are ready to pack our bags again and land in a new part of the world to us.


And so we are off to the United States of America. It’s definitely not the most remote, nor the most undiscovered place that we will have visited. But it is a land full of people who love hearing great stories told well; and we think we have a few of those ready to share with the world.

So, in just over a month, we land in New York, and from then on… well, we’re not quite sure yet.